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News / iSurgical3D wins START 2009 prize

START -  Entrepreneurship National Award (2009-11-26)

Winner of the 2009 edition: iSurgical3D

The Jury decided to award the 2009 START biggest prize of Portuguese entrepreneurship to iSurgical3D by combining the quality of the idea and business plan, market potential and capacity to implement the idea. The first product that iSurgical3D developed and is ready to commercialize technology is a modeling / bending of surgical prosthesis for correction of pectus excavatum - congenital anomaly of the thorax and external bone characterized by a depression - already tested and used in more than 30 surgeries performed in the pediatric surgery unit of the Hospital of São João, in Porto.

Based on the same technology, other products are in development, including, for custom prostheses craniofacial surgery, creation of a system that provides for post-operative results and folding the respective prosthesis for correction of scoliosis, and the virtual simulation 3D correction ortodental. The team involves experts iSurgical3D promoters of industrial electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and medicine.

Source: BPI bank


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